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How to use MiiR's B2B Design Tool

How It Works



Browse MiiR's online catalog and choose the best products and decoration types to showcase your brand.
Start Shopping Pro Tip: learn more about the different decoration types MiiR offers on custom drinkware, click here.


Upload + Design

Prep your logo or design file for upload into MiiR's Design Tool — we accept .pdf, .png, and .tiff files in vector format. Upload your logo or art file directly to MiiR's Design Tool and let our products be the canvas that brings your branded products to life.
Learn More Pro Tip: learn more about MiiR's artwork requirements here.



Once you're content with your customized product, click the add to cart button within the online Design Tool. Follow the prompts within your browser for a speedy checkout.
Start Shopping Pro Tip: do not click "back" in your browser during checkout. Your specific reseller or non-reseller pricing will be applied and visible in the shopping cart after we approve your account.



Once your order is submitted, our Art Review Team will double-check your logo or design file's file type and line weights. But don't worry, we will contact you via email if we run into any issues within 24-48 hours.
Pro Tip: ensuring your art file is in vector format at the start of your custom-design journey will speed up the production timeline of your products.



After your logo or design file gets a solid thumbs up from our Art Review Team, our Print Production Team will get busy printing and shipping your products.
Pro Tip: MiiR's standard lead time is 15 business days or less, following the approval of artwork.

Before you get started...

Ensure your art file or logo is prepped for printing! MiiR ONLY accepts VECTOR art files. Learn more here on optimizing your art files for MiiR's B2B Design Tool.

Once your file is ready, here are some tips for 
using the MiiR B2B Design Tool:

Upload your vector

Upload your Vector

Click the Select Image button to upload your vector logo or design in .pdf .png, or .tiff format.

Adjust the canvas

Adjust the Canvas

From the canvas, click on your art file to move or resize it to your desired position.

PDF preview

PDF Preview

To preview your design, click the PDF Preview button in the upper right of the screen (wait a moment for the PDF to be created) and then download by clicking PDF Preview.

Add to cart

Add to Cart

Happy with your design? Click the Add to Cart button to checkout.

Additional Notes:

Pantone Colors

Require specific Pantone colors? Be sure to include those details in the text box.

Multiple Art Files

To add a secondary art file, click the Back to Fields button and then click the Image button under "add layer"